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Virginia Elections


We must win Virginia in 2025 and send conservative Republicans to the capital as Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General respectively, and bring back a Republican majority in the House of Delegates. The black vote which constitutes close to 20% of Virginia’s electorate could be crucial to victory. 


STAND Virginia PAC is making a direct appeal to the black Virginians to vote for the Republican candidates for one very powerful and persuasive reason. Republican policies are in the best interest of minority children, families, and their neighborhoods. 


Upward Mobility vs. Stagnant Dependence


Black children in Virginia are at the bottom of the educational barrel.  Only 54% of black students read at grade level; only 34% are proficient in math at grade level; only 39% proficient in science; and their proficiency level in writing is not available due to school closures during COVID. These statistics would alarm parents if they knew how poorly their children are being educated and how ill-prepared, they are for the future. On the other hand, their children are taught plenty about homosexuality, transgenderism, and critical race theory. What public schools in Virginia are doing to black children is educational malpractice.


Republicans offer a way out - parental choice in education. They need to know that Democrats always oppose the opportunity for black children to get a better education in better schools. They hold them captive in failing schools, not because it is good for the students, but because it empowers the teachers’ unions.


The inner cities of Virginia are virtual war zones. Innocent children and others are being shot in the streets of Virginia’s cities. What does the Democrat Party offer to give parents and families relief from the epidemic of violence? They want to defund and dismantle the police. 


STAND for Virginia PAC is reaching out to parents of murdered children. The last thing they need is a diminished police presence. We need more police presence in these communities so that children can play safely on their streets, sleep peacefully in their beds, and walk to and from school without fear of being killed in the crossfire. The parents who are mourning their children know the hard and bitter truth because they are living it.


Finally, Democrats offer no plan or program for economic vitality and the creation of jobs in these communities. There is only the promise of increased government assistance, creating more dependence and perpetuating the cycle of welfare. All people want the opportunity to earn more, live better, buy a home, and move to a better neighborhood. Black Americans want upward mobility, not stagnation in poverty. Attracting new businesses by making streets safe and giving workers job skills is the constructive alternative to welfare or the street hustling which lands many young black men in prison or an early grave.


The Electoral Difference


STAND for Virginia PAC is taking this message into inner city precincts. STAND for Virginia PAC, by targeting black and other minority voters, can be the difference between victory and defeat.


Republican candidates are not in a position to do what needs to be done in minority communities because of the backlash they could face for speaking hard truth. That is what STAND for Virginia PAC can do.


Steve Phillips’ book “Brown is the New White” is a leftist blueprint for creating a new Democratic electoral majority. He focuses on radicalizing and mobilizing populations “of color.”  Those minority voters are his key to the fundamental transformation of our country into a socialist utopia. We must not surrender those voters.




Minority communities, or as the left artificially describes them - “people of color”- are being inundated with racial demagoguery. Our PAC was created to defeat their false and racist narrative. No one else is doing this with a direct and persistent focus. Time is short, but we can peel off enough of those voters in Virginia to make the difference.


According to a recent Pew Research report, there is a major disconnect between likely black voters – church going, family-oriented people - and the Democrat Party. That rift is wider than ever, but we must exploit it.


STAND is the only conservative organization in Virginia going directly into the black community. The importance of this effort cannot be overstated because when the left loses portions of the black vote, they lose elections. When losing the black vote becomes a Democratic trend, their political machine is dead.

Bishop E.W. Jackson's Bio


E.W. Jackson was born in Chester, Pennsylvania. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1970 and was honorably discharged in 1973. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Phi Beta Kappa Key from the University of Massachusetts at Boston in 1975, and from Harvard Law School in 1978. While in law school, he studied at Harvard Divinity School and was licensed as a Baptist minister. He was ordained as a Pastor in 1979 and consecrated a Bishop in 1998.


He practiced law for 15 years in Boston, and was an adjunct professor at Northeastern University and Strayer University. He is the Founder of The Called Church headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia and S.T.A.N.D. – Staying True to America’s National Destiny, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to bring Americans together across racial and cultural lines to preserve our Judeo- Christian values and heritage. He and his wife, Theodora, founded the Chesapeake Martin Luther King Leadership Breakfast, the William Jackson Youth Center and the Maximum Potential Christian Academy - a Christian school for students K-12.


He is the host of Truth & Liberty Daily Live Call-In Show on on Thursdays at 5:30 PM ET. He is the host of E.W. Jackson for America which live-streams at 8:30 AM Monday through Friday on, Facebook, and other venues. He is the author of three books: “Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life,” “12 Principles to Make Your Life Extraordinary” and “Sweet Land of Liberty” – Reflections of a Patriot Descended from Slaves."


He has been a guest on Fox Cable News, News Max, One America News, CBN World News, C- Span’s Washington Journal, and other television and radio networks and programs. His national television program Vision Awakening is airing on a variety of networks.


Bishop Jackson has been a candidate for U.S. Senate and the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Most recently, Bishop Jackson was a candidate for President of the United States in 2024.

He and his wife, Theodora, have been married for 53 years. They have 3 children and a granddaughter, and reside in Virginia.

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