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Save Virginia Partners

Please consider becoming a Save Virgiia Partner. A Save Virginia Partner is a recurring monthly donor. Save Virginia Partners allow STAND For Virginia PAC to plan more effectively because we can anticipate that income and budget accordingly. Also, the fight we are in will not stop after an election season. This is an ongoing battle for the future of our country. There is no time-out, and the Left never declares a cease fire. Between congressional and presidential elections years, we are going to be fighting the racial propaganda of the Democrat Party persistently. In battleground states, George Soros and other anti-American billionaires and their political operatives are trying to radicalize minority voters by convincing them that America is a hopelessly racist country infected with social injustice. We will be countering the lies and the racial demagoguery with truth about America as the last best hope on earth for all of us, regardless of skin color.

When you sign up as a Save Virginia Partner with a monthly donation of any amount, we will give you a free “STAND for Virginia” T shirt. Click here to sign up as a Save Virginia Partner. Thank you for your patriotism and dedication.

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